Bar Coding

Bar codes make ERP better. In-Sys makes integration easy.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are the nerve center for many information systems and business processes. Changes to ERP systems have far-reaching implications throughout the enterprise and up and down the supply chain. ERP systems provide a 30 to 50 percent higher return on investment (ROI) when they are supported with bar coding, wireless networking, and other technologies that provide real-time, accurate information, according to research by leading industry analysts.

However, giving ERP a bar code boost requires exact data mapping and interfaces that can be difficult for information technology departments to develop on their own. In-Sys has a suite of solutions that simplifies the process of providing bar code input to or output from ERP systems.

In-Sys and its partners can provide integrated ERP and data collection applications that:

  • Automatically generate shipping labels and inventory updates
  • Track and manage material flow and work in process
  • Integrate production, delivery, and customer service information
  • Provide production history, audit trails, and documentation