Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Business systems are as diverse and varied as their names and origins indicate. EDI provides a common intermediate format used by trading partners to conduct electronic commerce.

In-Sys’ approach to EDI is to provide a single mapping tool that maps any Microsoft Dynamics-NAV data element to any EDI data element without the requirement of programming. This tool is further augmented by the addition of specific trading partner packages that include already mapped transactions for major trading partners. These maps are templates that can easily be modified and maintained as the trading partners requirements change.

A Unique Approach
Microsoft Dynamics-NAV’s unique development and operational environment makes this logical mapping approach possible. For example, when a new field is required by one of your trading partners you have two options:

1. Add the field to Microsoft Dynamics-NAV and change the logical EDI map to recognize it.
2. Change the EDI map to recognize an EDI virtual field, which is held in the EDI transaction database.

This field can be viewed and updated from within Microsoft Dynamics-NAV and mapped to an outgoing transaction where needed. Obviously this approach keeps your database modification to a minimum

Quick Set-Up
The In-Sys EDI solution is designed to provide a maximum amount of flexibility with a turnkey approach. We provide a range of services that include the following:

  • Consulting with you and your trading partners to understand which EDI standards are appropriate
  • Recommending the best way to set up Microsoft Dynamics-NAV to accommodate your trading partners processing
  • Mapping and testing the EDI transaction with your trading partner


  • Logical Mapping allows you to map any Microsoft Dynamics-NAV field to any EDI transaction without complicated and time consuming programming.
  • Using the Virtual Field concept you can receive any EDI element, view, edit, hold it in the EDI transaction database, and map it to an output transaction without adding it to your Microsoft Dynamics-NAV database.
  • With Transaction Management the user can easily view, process, and track both incoming and outgoing EDI transactions.

The In-Sys EDI solution is flexible, quick to implement, and easy to maintain which translates into better relations with your trading partners and a lower cost per transaction to you.