Shipping & Receiving

In-Sys can fulfill your shipping and receiving needs with Microsoft Dynamics-NAV E-Ship. E-Ship integrates the entire packing and shipping function within the Microsoft Dynamics-NAV database. Because E-Ship is part of Microsoft Dynamics-NAV, it can easily:

  • Shop rates at sales order entry time, allowing you to quote shipping cost up frontCapture package-level detail using a unique, Scan-Only packing operation
  • Interface with scales to weigh packages
  • Use bar code printers to print shipping labels
  • Automatically calculate the cost and price of a container for COD and insurance purposes
  • Compare the expected weight of contents with the actual weight of the package, preventing packing errors
  • Update sales orders with appropriate freight charges
  • Use either G/L Accounts or Resources to post freight charges to a sales order
  • Track the cost of shipping by shipping agent and service versus the amount charged to the customer
  • Track packages and obtain delivery information from within Microsoft Dynamics-NAV via the Internet

E-Ship is comprised of the following components:

Pack Line Scanning
Pack Line Scanning captures package level detail using a symbol barcode scanner attached to a PC keyboard. This unique packing operation allows you to perform the many functions using only a scanner.

This scan-only approach dramatically increases the accuracy of packing as well as reducing the amount of labor required. Pack Line Scanning can also be used to ship without capturing package level detail

Pack Line Scanning can also be used to ship and capture pack level detail required by the retail industry. Many times these shipments are made via LTL or Contract carriers. In this case E-Ship works together with EDI and the Bill of Lading granule to create Advanced Shipment Notices (856) for the retail industry.

Standard Pack
Standard Pack provides an ability to easily pack many standard packages such as cases without scanning and weighing each package. This feature is often used to comply with retail chain package labeling and detail requirements.

Fast Pack
Fast Pack provides an alternative to the scanning interface but the Pack Line Scanning granule is required because it uses the same package detail transactions.

Scales Interface
E-Ship interfaces with various scales using an OCX control. This control can be easily configured to support most scales by entering communications port, baud rate, scale commands and the definition of the returned data in the scale setup window.

UPS Manifest
The UPS Manifest granule utilizes the Host Manifest Upload interface to provide Rates Shipment by Package (Domestic & International), support Hundred Weight, prints UPS shipping labels, create Electronic Manifest transaction, print Manifest and Pick Up Labels, and upload UPS Electronic Manifest via Host Manifest Upload.

FedEx / FedEx Ground (FedEx Ground formerly RPS)
FedEx Manifest provides Rates Shipment by Package (Domestic & International), supports FedEx and FedEx Ground, sends Electronic Manifest transaction via Internet to FedEx, receives rated transaction, prints FedEx compliant labels, prints manifests, and uploads Electronic Manifests.

LTL (Less Than Truck Load)
The LTL manifest granule provides a planning function, allowing multiple sales orders to be combined for shipment

Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading provides shipment planning allowing the consolidation of multiple sales orders into a single shipment, along with other important functions.

Label Formatter
The Label Formatter provides the ability to define customer specific UCC barcode labels

E-Mail Formatter
E-Mail Formatter lets you map E-Mail formats and integrate them with sales documents.

Rate Shopping
E-Ship allows rate shopping at Sales Order Entry time so the customer can quote the total price to the customer.